Text messaging solution for visually impaired texters?

Do you feel left out because all of your friends keep in touch by texting, and you cannot?  Do you have problems seeing the small screen, pressing those impossibly tiny buttons, or just keeping pace?  Now there is a solution in the UK based Text Magic.  Read more here:




I’m interested to know what my readers are using now.  Please comment and share  your texting tool of choice.  Is text messaging your preferred method of communication?  Are you one of those people who can text a mile a minute, or is your phone too awkward to use for texting?  I know my readers who are blind aren’t driving while texting, so I need not be concerned there.  Can you tap and text?


I use a Moto Q with Mobile Speak.  I like my phone because it has a spectacular tactile qwerty keyboard, and Mobile Speak is sufficient for my pitiful texting purposes.  What are you using?