Word Press Help Center to reopen March 14

If you are a self-confessed and unapologetic non-technical person who just likes it when things work,  but who does not always feel compelled to know Why, then you may have hired an expert to assist you in putting up your web site or blog.  I have.  Even though I’m sure it is not by any means beyond me to accomplish some of the day-to-day maintenance of my web sites and blog, I don’t want to.  It doesn’t interest me, the frustration factor due to potential inaccessibility isn’t worth the effort.  We cannot all be good at everything, and I’m especially good at knowing what I’m not good at.  Knowing one’s limitations is very freeing.


One of the resources I’ve mentioned here in the past has been Word Press Help Center.  They helped me to install my blog, as well as to install some of the plug-ins and tools I use.  You can get an accessible theme for Word Press, but the back end, or Word Press dashboard is still fairly problematic when it comes to accessibility.  That has proved to be a disappointment, but that’s a post for another time.


What was a greater disappointment, though, was when I attempted to reach my pro at Word Press Help Center not long ago, only to find that they were shutting down.  They were no longer accepting new jobs, and the entire operation would be offline by February 28th.  So, I began to look around for another WP pro to help me with some upcoming projects.  Once you find someone great, it’s really depressing to lose them.  I was very sorry to see WP Help Center go.


Happily, just today I read that the business has undergone a change of management and will be back online in just a few  weeks.  As a satisfied repeat customer, I can tell you that this was very good news.  Nathan Garza, previously a Word Press expert on staff and all-around good guy, is taking over the business and will reopen on March 14th.  The WP Help Center is a busy outfit, and I suspect that with Nathan’s help it will continue to be busy.  However, with reasonable pricing and excellent customer service, I think you’ll be glad you called them if you have a Word Press issue, great or small. 


Here are some links:

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I always say that sometimes accessibility is achieved through the efforts of people who are willing to assist and accommodate via personal service.  It’s easy to understand why THAT works.



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