AI Squared announces low vision friendly app, ZoomContacts

AI Squared has solved a problem for those who detest those microscopic fonts on their favorite hand-held device, the iPad and iPad 2.  Introducing ZoomContacts, a low vision friendly contact management app that increases usability by making text easier to read.
By increasing the text size, type of font or improving contrast by way of changing colors, users can now more easily perform their contact management tasks.  See the video here:

Or, go to the AI Squared Zoomed In blog to read more.  The app is $4.99.

Get it now at the iTunes Store:

I just called AI Squared and learned they will be at the American
Council of the Blind 50th anniversary conference in Reno, Nevada from July 8-16.  See them in booth 25.




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Optelec ClearReader+ now shipping

If you have been looking for a replacement for your antiquated CCTV reading device, Optelec is now shipping their new product, the ClearReader+ advanced.  To characterize this gadget as a CCTV however, would be to fall short of accurate.  The Optelec ClearReader+ offers both magnification and text-to-speech functionality, with the portability demanded by our mobile lifestyle.


I’ve had a long history with Optelec, as they were the manufacturer of my very first CCTV back when electricity was first invented.  Okay, not quite that long ago, but back then, CCTV’s were absolutely enormous, as well as enormously heavy.  By comparison, the ClearReader+ is like using a spaceship for transport instead of the covered wagon I had been using.  My old CCTV was about the size of a covered wagon, anyway.


Here’s the scoop on features: :

The Optelec ClearReader+ Advanced is a bundle package of the Magnification Feature Pack and ClearReader+  for dual functionality  and multi-purpose. For existing ClearReader+ users, the Magnification Feature Pack is also easily integrated and can be purchased  separately.

Now, low vision and blind users can view and/or listen to scanned or saved newspapers, favorite books, letters or other documents  with quality, convenience, and simplicity in an attractive portable design.

By the simple press of the button to scan any document, the portable and battery-operated ClearReader+ begins reading text aloud  within seconds using high quality, fast OCR and text-to-speech recognition technology.
Low vision users can add the optional Magnification Feature Pack to the ClearReader+ for expanded product functionality, video  magnifier benefits, and document saving capabilities. Blind users can also operate with voice-only menu options.  
Simply connect the ClearReader+ to any VGA monitor, TV or video magnifier (such as the Optelec ClearView+), plug in the  Magnification Feature Pack, select the preferred high contrast color and text magnification, and rediscover a new concept in  reading!
*Special Note: Monitor and VGA cable sold separately.


Here are a few more details:
4 Pre-Selected Reading Voices (US English Jill, US English Tom, Mexican Spanish Paulina, Canadian French Julie)
24 Total Different Voices Available, in 12 Languages with 2 in Spanish and 3 in American English.
Photo and Text Mode (Column and Line view)
12 Selectable High Contrast Colors
Up to 16X Magnification of Original Document
3 Menu Options (Advanced, Basic, Voice Only)
2 Font Options (Arial and Verdana)
Save Photo, Text or Book Documents
Expandable Memory on SD Card or USB Drive
3 Saving Options (Save without voice label, Save with voice label, Save book)
2 Word Highlight Options (Block or Box). 
Want to see a demo?  This informative video shows off the cool capabilities of the ClearReader+:


Video demo on YouTube

Want one?  Get it here:
Visit Optelec online at
Products are available NOW through Optelec’s Authorized Dealer Distribution Network.
Call Optelec at 800.826.4200 or email with any questions, pricing, ordering information, and to connect with a  local representative near you.

Optelec’s Authorized Dealer Distribution Network is a group of authorized dealers throughout the U.S. who can offer you local  sales support, provide an in-home demonstration at no obligation, product training and ongoing on-site servicing and customer  care.

Want more?  You can find Optelec at the American Council of the Blind 50th anniversary conference exhibit hall at booth 43.  The ACB event will be held July 8-16, 2011 in Reno, Nevada.  Be sure to stop by and ask for a live demo.  When tweeting about Optelec or the conference, be sure to use hashtag #ACB11.  See you there!



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Elegant Insights to debut at ACB Conference July 8-16, 2011


Contact:  Laura Legendary

Phone: 509-264-2588    


Date: June 7, 2011


Elegant Insights Braille Creations offers jewelry and accessories with a tactile twist


Elegant Insights Braille Creations is bringing a tactile element to jewelry by offering designs that are embellished with Braille.


Created in the USA, the collection  is designed using contemporary metals such as brass, copper, stainless steel and silver to showcase the beauty of Braille.  This distinctive assortment also includes dog tags, and charms for purses, stemware, mobility canes, and cell phones.  The products are all hand-crafted which will allow personalization on many items. "The product line will take cues from customers," says Laura Legendary, owner and Sole Proprietor of Elegant Insights Braille Creations.  "The flexibility of interchangeable charms, along with our Braille embossing technique, enables us to create just about anything a client can dream up."


Although the line was created especially for people who are blind or visually impaired, it will also appeal to jewelry collectors of intriguing conversation pieces.


Elegant Insights Braille Creations will be making its debut at the American Council of the Blind 50th Anniversary Conference in Reno, Nevada, from July 8-16, 2011 at booth number 62.   The official launch is planned for August 2011.


About Laura Legendary:  Laura Legendary is a speaker, author and entrepreneur specializing in disability awareness, accessibility and assistive technology.  She is the owner and founder of Legendary Insights, a group of online resources including Eloquent Insights, Accessible Insights, and In-Home Insights.  For more information about Elegant Insights Braille Creations, go to:





Elegant Insights Braille Creations to launch tactile style

Everyone has a different work style.  Some people are single-minded in their pursuit of a task, others can juggle many projects at once.  Some will pick up an idea and follow it through to completion, others will languish amidst many unfinished jobs.  If you are an entrepreneur, you probably operate under some version of "all of the above," seeking to establish and grow your business.  I tend to be an idea person, but I struggle on the execution.  It takes me awhile to see my ideas coalesce into something tangible.  That’s why I’m so grateful to my readers who have patiently consumed my various offerings, whether articles or new web site features or my various products and services.


Today I’m writing about this last.  I have a new venture to tell you about, and I’m hoping you will check it out.  Normally, I write about other people’s projects, but now I want to speak directly to my readers to ask for your support.


I’ve created a line of jewelry and accessories for people who are blind or visually impaired.  Now, you may be wondering, how on Earth does one design jewelry for  people who are blind?


By embossing it with Braille!


My product line is called Elegant Insights Braille Creations.  the line consists of both jewelry and fun accessories made with contemporary metals such as brass, copper and silver, and in some cases, accented with leather.  The line is centered around the idea of charms that are hand-embossed with the Braille dots that on some items are customizable with a message of your choice..


Even though the grand opening will not happen until the end of this summer, some of the preliminaries are already in place.  For example, you can follow on Twitter @ElegantInsights.  Or, you can find me on Facebook here:


Elegant Insights FB page


Be sure to stop by and "like" the page!


The Elegant Insights product line will be constantly evolving in response to customer requests, but the first rollout of products will consist of Braille embossed dog tags, earrings, bracelets and necklaces featuring charms embossed with your initials or a special love note, and even cell phone charms and mobility cane charms that you can wear and share or give as gifts.  Can you imagine how special and meaningful a gift personalized with Braille would be for a visually impaired loved one?


The charms will be available in a variety of shapes including hearts, stars, guitar picks, critters and geometric shapes.  There will be items for use as identifiers for luggage or laptop bags, stemware charms, and even tags for your four-legged traveling companion.


Please help me make the launch of my new business a success by spreading the word to your friends who are blind or visually impaired.  Or, if you know of a business or organization that might want to carry a few of my products, please pass along the info here.  If you are a blogger, please help me to generate some buzz by blogging about Elegant Insights!   Of course, you can always write to me directly at:


l.legendary at


There is also a splash page at the domain with a few brief product descriptions for your interest.  Please bookmark and share the soon to be expanded web destination:


Thank you for reading, and for your support of my newest venture, Elegant Insights Braille Creations.