Band The Steel Wheels rides for children with disabilities

It amazes me, sometimes, the various ways in which the notion of "disability awareness" can manifest itself.  I recently received a note from a music publicist who asked if I might be interested in posting some info about a popular band called The Steel Wheels.  Why would this interest my readers?  Because the group have added a new  component to their touring schedule.  This year, their tour goals include raising awareness for an organization called Lose the Training Wheels.  The Lose the Training Wheels mission statement is to teach individuals with disabilities to ride a conventional two wheel bicycle and become lifelong independent riders.  The organization hosts a series of camps throughout the US.  You can read more about the organization here:


On the Lose the Training Wheels site, you can read testimonials from parents of children with disabilities who have learned to ride independently, and how this has made an enormous positive impact on the lives of all concerned.  From the site:  "Within days of learning to ride, many children exhibit independent behaviors for the first time ever. This achievement, in turn, creates a gateway of opportunity, helping them gain assurance and self-reliance in many other aspects of their lives."


The Steel Wheels, a chart topping Americana band, does a yearly tour completely by bicycle.  According to the band’s publicist, they even manage to bring along an upright bass.  


Steel Wheels SpokeSongs Tour Dates:

8/4/1011  Ann Arbor, Michigan: The Ark
8/5/2011  Marshall, Michigan: Dark Horse Brewery
8/6/2011  Kalamazoo, Michigan: Bell’s Brewery
8/7/2011  Benton Harbor, Michigan:  The Livery
8/8/2011  South Haven, Michigan:  The Foundry
8/9/2011  Fennville, Michigan: Tuesdays in The Park Concert Series
8/11/2011 Chicago, Illinois: Browning House Concert
8/12/2011 Chicago, Illinois: Piece Brewery& Pizzeria
8/13/2011 Valparaiso, Indiana: Private Event
8/14/2011 Goshen, Indiana: SpokeSongs Closing Bash!

For more info about the band, check out a press release here:

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