Elle Waters to present “Accessibility Is The New Black” at CSUN 2012

At the CSUN 2012 conference on disability, you’ll discover a full slate of presenters lined up who will educate and inspire.  Each year I have attended, I left feeling both deeply grateful for the achievements of those who have worked so hard to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities, yet determined to work harder myself, in an effort to educate as many as I can as to what is possible.    

This year, one of the speakers you can look forward to hearing from is Elle Waters.  Elle is a self-described "geek, web accessibility activist, media zealot, event spinner, academic researcher, metaverse enthusiast, and social justice rabble-rouser."

My kind of girl.  Her "official" title is Enterprise Web Accessibility Coordinator for Humana.  Ms. Waters, who will be presenting alongside Wendy Chisholm of Microsoft, was kind enough to    share her thoughts about CSUN 2012, and her presentation.
Waters said, "Last year was my first year attending CSUN. I arrived with my own small story to tell, and I wasn’t sure how valuable it would be to others. I was quickly inspired by the dedication and inclusive nature of everyone around me. At CSUN, I saw that we all have narratives that contribute to a bigger story. I left equipped with practical information and a new appreciation of a diverse and participatory digital culture.
This year, I hope to continue the discourse about the role that large corporations can have in changing the perception of web accessibility from compliance to inclusion. To that end, I have a talk entitled "Accessibility is the New Black" that presents a case study about a large social media digital marketing campaign where accessibility was a key role in its overall success."

Finally, Ms. Waters points out that the scope of her talk is not limited to just social media and marketing, , but encompasses "all enterprise digital initiatives."

You can follow Elle on Twitter here:  @nethermind


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