Towering Tree, Power of Pi: A tribute.


Simply put, little stands that lacks a solid foundation.  Mine is my family.  What follows are a few words of appreciation.  Only a few words are necessary, because we share an abundance of understanding.  So many have so much less.


The towering tree is a redwood, who ascends to heights so lofty as to keep watch over all else.  A tree so tall he can see with clarity the unobstructed paths for me to follow, and can guide me through.  The towering tree is a massive oak, long-lived and wise.  His quiet strength and patience holds him in good stead against the forces that bring down lesser trees.  The towering tree is a willow, who weeps only with compassion, not pity.


As the ancient banyan extends its profusion of limbs beyond the perimeter of what seems  possible, providing shade, shelter and comfort, my brother is the towering tree.


The power of pi is the highest power in the universe.  She is an enigma, far more complex than she appears at first.  Pi is the constant from which I derive all strength, all love, all life.  She is the source of infinite spirit and growth.   In a world of variables, Pi has no end, and no equal.  Pi is my mother.


I’ve often heard it said that raising a child is the hardest job in the world.  In my opinion, the only job more difficult is that of raising a child with a disability.  It requires a foundation an order of magnitude more unshakeable than any other.  I should know, because I’ve been standing on it.  My foundation has never even trembled. 

Tomorrow marks a significant milestone in my life.  No, it is not my birthday, my birthday is in March.  Nor is it an anniversary of any kind.  It is a day no less special or important than these, however, as it is the sort of milestone only someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one can understand.  We count up our emotional souvenirs as we make inevitable comparisons of chronology,  and say things like, "it was at THIS time, THAT year, when we…"  All the while marveling at life’s continuum as we go on without them.  It is a day to gather up my memories and hold them close.  It is a day that marks a point at which the end begins to gain distance greater than that which marks the distance from the beginning.  It is a day I cannot face alone, and I will not have to.  There is no tribute adequate to express the gratitude and love I have for my family.  For me, little is possible without the towering tree, the power of pi. 

I love you.



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