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Each year around this time, I like to take a minute to wish my readers a happy holiday, and this year, I get two for the price of one! Did you know that this year is a historical (an historical?) double-dip, in that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah occur simultaneously? It’s Thanksgivukkah! Check out this article: Why #Thanksgiving and #Hanukkah overlap this year

Thank you for your continued support and readership, and have a safe and happy holiday, whatever you are celebrating.



Blog on-the-fly with the accessible WordPress app for iOS

This post is a short review of the features of the Word Press iOS app. The content was uploaded using the app, instead of posting via the blog site dashboard. In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess straightaway that in writing this blog post, I am cheating a bit. Okay, I’m completely cheating, but I hope you will understand after I explain.

My device is an iPhone 5, using the most recent version of iOS 6. What? Not iOS 7? Yes, yes…I know. You are shocked and appalled. I could hear you gasp from here. I’ll update soon, I promise. In the meantime, here is what I want to tell you about the Word Press iOS app, in case you have been tempted to use it.

Dive in. The app is completely accessible, simple to use, and really handy. the user interface is uncluttered, with a toggle button that allows you to easily switch between the upload screen and the view posts screen. No, you do not get every link to every feature of the Word Press dashboard, but you get enough to send up a quick post if you want to do some live blogging or if you are feeling spontaneous; struck by a sudden inspiration.

So, how is it that I’m cheating? Well, I have yet to purchase a Bluetooth keyboard, and I wanted to type this post out in my word processor of choice on my laptop, and simply cut and paste the result into the upload box in the app, rather than type out the entire post on the iPhone touch keyboard. Yes, I could have dictated the post, but I’m a meticulous editor, and I might not have posted this for six months if forced to complete the task that way. I would guess that if you have Drop Box, or use some other means of easy file transfer, you could do the same, but my plan involves sending this to myself in an email, and cutting and pasting from there. A long way around, I know. I’m a manual labor masochist.

To get started, simply download the Word Press app from the Apple app store. The app is free. Sign in with your blog credentials, if you have an existing blog, and provide the URL to your blog page. That’s it. You can upload a post, edit one, check blog stats, and view your blog as your readers would see it. It’s a real blog-apalooza. Okay, I’ll stop. Please don’t unsubscribe.

Author’s note: Since writing this post, I have updated my iPhone 5 to the latest iOS version. Can we be friends again?

Author’s note 2: I have discovered a new app that might have made this laptop-to-iPhone transfer a bit easier. It’s called Lazy Text, and it lets users transfer plain text via their wi-fi network directly into their device. I’ll try it in an upcoming post, and let you know how it goes. in the meantime, I have an email to send.

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