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Greetings, precious humans. My name is Laura Legendary, and I am the sole author of the Accessible Insights Blog.

The content on the Accessible Insights Blog pertains to all aspects of age and disease related vision loss. In the categories “AT News” or “AT Reviews,” you will find articles about assistive technology programs and platforms, as well as product press releases and people in the news. In “Activism and Advocacy,” you will read articles relevant to coping with vision loss, overcoming adversity, breaking down stereotypes, pushing past barriers to inclusion and employment, and living a greater quality of life as a blind person in a sighted society. In categories such as “Accessible Answers” or “Accessible Experts,” you will read interviews with thought leaders and industry gurus about accessible web and mobile development, digital accessibility, civil rights, or web standards best practices. You’ll read about people with disabilities who are creative, innovative, interesting and successful. In other categories, you’ll find great content pertaining to accessible sports, accessible arts, and lots of cool tools, a category in which to find tips and how-tos, as well as to explore the many gadgets that can enable better access to our world.

About me:

I am a speaker, author, educator, and entrepreneur specializing in disability awareness, accessibility, advocacy, and assistive technology. Blind as the result of Retinitis Pigmentosa, there were a number of factors that contributed to my desire to make my living as an educational speaker. First and foremost, I wanted to advocate for people with disabilities, but I felt that the best way to accomplish this was, in effect, by proxy. My audiences are not individuals with disabilities, rather, my audiences are those with whom people with disabilities interact. My message is not limited to the simple “do’s and don’ts” of so-called “sensitivity training. I attempt to convey a larger message of the importance of respect, dignity and effective communication. If I can make the life of one person who has a disability easier by teaching those with whom they interact every day a little something about accurate and respectful communication, I have achieved my goal.

My belief is that my message can be effectively communicated by virtue of the fact that I am living the experiences about which I speak. There is power in first person perspective. Everyone grapples with life’s indignities, whether it’s a bitter divorce, radiation and chemotherapy treatments, loss of a loved one or even an unwarranted job termination. Coping with a disability is a part of life with which 54 million Americans have faced, at one time or another.

Further, I felt strongly about revealing the truth behind some of the myths and stereotypes often associated with disability. Upon learning of my blindness, people typically respond by saying, “Oh, I’m so sorry.” Truly, not all disability is tragic, traumatic or even radically restrictive. Sometimes, it can be simply inconvenient. I suppose it is human nature to automatically leap to the negative, but honestly, there’s no reason to be sorry. I have a rich, full life, wonderful in many ways. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate, even privileged. This is not fake, fluffy Pollyanna positive thinking. I want to show others there are practical, ingenious and effective coping strategies for managing their lives. Speaking in front of people also fulfills a creative need. In college, I majored in music. I was a vocal performance major, specializing in opera. Singing is my first love, but, for me, speaking in front of audiences is the next best thing. It has turned out to be a great love of my life, and I cannot imagine doing anything else…However, that hasn’t stopped me from doing much else! For example, I am the co-founder of The Fashionability Channel podcast, an audio program inclusive of everyone, of all ages, body types, all abilities, and from all walks of life. Our mission is to empower people with disabilities to present their best face forward, and to gain self-confidence. We also work to campaign the fashion industry to better represent people with disabilities in print and digital media. The Fashionability Channel is your guide to accessible style. As owner of Elegant Insights Braille Creations, I’ve designed a distinctive collection of jewelry and accessories for men and women, all hand-crafted, made in the USA, and embossed in Braille. You can also find me on the air with ACB Radio Mainstream, and Internet radio station run by the American Council
of the Blind. The program is called Legendary Insights, and we explore ways in which we can all live our best, most ingenious lives.

My various contact points:

Twitter: @Accessible_Info
The Fashionability Channel podcast: http://www.fashionabilitychannel.com/ or subscribe on iTunes.
Twitter: @InclusiveStyle
Legendary Insights on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Legendary.Insights
Twitter: @LLOnAir
On the air: http://acbradio.org/mainstream/
Elegant Insights Braille Creations: http://www.elegantinsightsjewelry.com/
Twitter: @ElegantInsights

To book me to speak at your next event, to ask a question, make a suggestion, or request more information, please use the accessible contact form on the blog home page. I am at your service.