Everything you need to know about ABLE Accounts: A must-hear show on ACB Radio

On Thursday, February 1st at 8 PM Eastern time, 5 PM Pacific, you’ll be able to catch the first Legendary Insights radio show of 2018. The program has been airing on ACB Radio for just short of two years, and as the show host, I work hard to post informative programs and offer relevant topics, as sometimes suggested by my listeners. For this next show, I’m launching a short series of programs on financial literacy.

Before you stop and think, “why would this interest me? I have no money to be literate about,” hang on for a minute. You’ll want to hear this show.

Like many of you, I noted with mild interest the announcement a couple of years ago about a new savings/investment vehicle for people with disabilities called an “Able Account.” I then proceeded to ignore it completely, figuring I either did not qualify, or that this info would not apply to me for whatever reason. I must also admit that the name alone made me cringe. However, ignoring the information about these Able Accounts was a mistake. You might want to take a closer look as well. Here’s why:

My guest on Legendary Insights this week is Jonathan Simeone. Jonathan graduated from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, Massachusetts, and has been licensed to practice law in Massachusetts since 2005. Professionally, he has worked in politics and disability law. And he knows a great deal about Able Accounts.

After talking with Jonathan, I realized I needed to learn more about how having an Able Account can benefit people who are disabled, and I’m now convinced this program will benefit just about anyone who qualifies. To qualify, you need only to have been considered disabled prior to age 26. However, you are not required to show proof of your disability to sign up.

I encourage everyone who has a disability, or who has a child with a disability, to listen to the show. Jonathan and I chatted for so long, I wasn’t able to fit all the great content into one half-hour show, so I will post the second half the first Thursday in April. the basic info with the most relevant details are all packed into the first episode, but Jonathan and I went into greater depth in the second show, which may answer additional questions you may have about your particular circumstances. I feel so strongly about the benefits of Able Accounts after learning from Jonathan that I will make part two of the Legendary Insights Able Accounts audio available for anyone who wants more information right away. After the first episode airs, I will place the unedited, raw audio of part two in my public DropBox folder, and post the link for anyone who wants it. After all, this is really news you can use, and if you are still unsure about the program after listening to the first show, you will likely want the info presented in part two immediately. I don’t want anyone to pass up an opportunity to get all the details you need to make a decision. Since the next episode of Legendary Insights will not post until the first Thursday in April, it would be too easy to forget about it altogether. Now is the time to get your financial house in order. It’ doesn’t’ matter how much money you have, or how little, and based upon what I’ve learned, Able Accounts may be the best chance to get ahead financially for people with disabilities I’ve heard of.

Whether you are on SSI, SNAP, Medicaid, or SSDI, or are partially or fully employed,, you need to hear these programs. Please go to ACB Radio at:

and tune in to Legendary Insights Thursday night at 8:00 o’clock PM Eastern time. Then, let me know if you want to hear the rest of the audio in advance of the next program, and I’ll send you the link to part two. Missed the first show? Don’t worry. ACB Radio repeats the programs multiple times throughout the days following the original airing, so you will have more than one opportunity to hear the show. Additionally, the show is eventually pushed out as a podcast, which you can subscribe to on iTunes. Just do a search for Legendary Insights, and catch up on any of the shows you’ve missed.

Check back here in a week or so, and look for that DropBox link. You can also hit me up directly at either @LLOnAir or @Accessible_Info on Twitter.