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Tool Tip: It's on Laura's List

ZoomText Magnifier USB

ZoomText USB lets you carry the popular screen magnification/screen reading program anywhere you go.

Delivered on a USB memory drive and conveniently fits in your pocket or around your neck on the included lanyard. You can plug in the USB drive and immediately use the software.

Price: $395.00

Zoom Text USB

PortSet Portable Document Reader, Price: $5200.00

ZoomText Magnifier enlarges and enhances everything on your computer screen, making all of your applications easy to see and use. Our revolutionary new 'xFont' technology displays crystal clear text at all magnification levels. Once you've seen it, no other screen magnifier will do. Easy to see and easy to use!

Price: $495.00

Zoom Text Large Print Keyboard

VisiKey Enhanced Visibilty Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Price: $140.00

This keyboard simplifies learning and using ZoomText. It is perfect for home, school, and 
workplace systems. This keyboard features fast, accurate typing with less eyestrain and fatigue.Large-print keycaps are easy to see, even in low light.

Price: $99.00


Zoom Text Magnifier/Reader:

Combining the revolutionary new features of Zoom Text Magnifier with a powerful set of reading tools, ZoomText Magnifier/Reader gives you the total computer access solution. See and hear what you're doing in all of your applications, and give your eyes a rest while ZoomText reads your documents, web pages and email - right through your computer's speakers. With ZoomText Magnifier/Reader, your computer is easier to see, hear, and use.

Price: $595.00


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