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ZoomText Magnifier version 9.1

ZoomText Magnifier version 9.1, Price: $695.99

A screen magnification program that works with all Windows applications and lets you enlarge text from 2X to 16X. Advanced features let you configure the screen to your own standards. You can choose your own magnification level, font, zoom window, color enhancement and more. ZoomText comes with an advanced document reader that highlights each word in the document to facilitate reading. It comes with an on-line help system and large print documentation.
Single-user license is good for up to 3 computers.
System Requirements:
Pentium or higher processor
32 MB memory (64 MB for NT systems)
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4 or 2000

Price: $695.99

PortSet Portable Document Reader

PortSet Portable Document Reader, Price: $5200.00

Portset is a compact stand-alone reading machine for the visually impaired. The reader lifts the protective, hinged cover and places the document on the screen. In a few seconds Portset has scanned the page and is ready to read it in either a clear male or female voice. Other customizable reading options include varying the speed and pitch. The user can select to have the entire page, one line at a time or can repeat a section by moving the cursor backward. Or, it can be paused, or the repeat function and text spelling can be activated. Volume control affects the internal loudspeaker or the supplied headphones.
It is designed for any non-computer user. Its simple 12 keypad gives you all the facilities. Its claim to portability is justified by a weight of under 12 lbs and its small size of 18.5 X 10.5 X 4.5 inches. A page with a font as fine as 8 point can be read. This is a portable reading machine with 10 GB of internal memory capability. Page orientation on the screen is not important. Not only will the Portset Reader speak your letters in privacy, but can read books, magazines, bills etc. You can retain documents you read in internal storage or saved to a diskette. This is ideal if you want to keep your bank letters together or read an entire book.
Portset is upgradeable in your home as new features become available.

Price: $5200.00

VisiKey Enhanced Visibilty Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

VisiKey Enhanced Visibilty Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Price: $140.00

These keyboards are designed to enhance visibility by enlarging the letters and symbols approximately 4 times and maximizing the contrast with white letters on a black background. They have 104 keys with 15 hot keys that enable one touch access to multimedia/internet functions. IBM PC compatible. Includes PS/2 and USB connection. We offer the wired keyboard and a wireless computer mouse.

Price: $140.00

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