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Big Button Universal TV Remote

Big button universal tv remote, Price: $39.99

This TV remote is ideal for visually impaired and digitally challenged people who have difficulty hitting the right button. The buttons measure .62 inches on the 9.5 inch x 2.5 x 1.25 remote. It controls most TVs, VCRs, cable boxes, satellite dishes and DVD players. This unit can be programmed to record TV programs in the future. Has a lighted keypad. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included).

Price: $39.99

Tool tip: It's on Laura’s List

Braille Labeler (This item is on Laura’s List)

Braille Labeler, Price: $54.99

Portable Braille labeler can accommodate .4 or .5 inch labeling tape. The upper rim of the dial is Brailled, while the lower rim shows the standard print alphabet. Symbols include small words, contractions and punctuation marks. Includes one free roll of transparent labeling tape.

Price: $54.99

Soft Leather Hold Everything Organizer Wallet

Soft Leather Hold Everything Organizer Wallet, Price: $31.99

This incredibly useful soft leather wallet holds everything you need to carry with you. Its many pockets help you organize your possessions so they are easy to locate. The compartments are easily accessible and include: 3 separate coin pockets, 5 compartments for bills, 10 spaces for credit cards, a driver's license, checkbooks, and more! Its velcro closures are safe and easy to open. Measures 8" X 3 3/4".

Price: $31.99

Cell Phone Magnifying Lens

Cell Phone Magnifying Lens, Price: $8.99

This product for the visually impaired allows you to take advantage of today's modern cell phones. It's also known as a Phone Monocle because it enlarges the display on a cell phone as if you were looking at it through a monocle. A 2X lens is framed in rubber and a flexible band fits around just about any size cell phone. Since the band stretches, it even fits on many portable phones. Not only does the lens increase the size of the letters by about 2 times, but the rubber frame and band makes it easier to hold onto the cell phone. The Phone Monocle is an affordable and unique low vision aid. The lens measures approx. 1" X 1.5". The solid frame measures approx. 1.5" X 1.75" and the rest is a stretchy translucent rubber band-like material.

Price: $8.99

Atomic Talking Clock With Alarm & Temperature with Wireless

Atomic Talking Clock With Alarm & Temperature with Wireless, Price: $63.99

This extraordinary talking atomic clock houses the most important features you need to get you started in the morning and keep you on track all day. A gentle voice clearly enunciates the time, the date, the alarm setting, the indoor and the outdoor temperature, whenever you press the VOICE/LIGHT BUTTON. It speaks all the functions to guide you through the settings and it will announce hourly either the time or the temperature. The beep beep alarm sounds for 2 minutes. If you press the VOICE button, you get 5 more minutes of sleep until you turn the ALARM SWITCH to off. For those with some vision, the time is displayed with large numbers and the date, indoor and outdoor temperatures are shown as well. A backlight comes on when the VOICE/LIGHT BUTTON is pushed. The clock measures 8 x 4.75 x 2 inches and uses 2 'AA' batteries; the outdoor splash proof temperature sensor measures 2.25 x 3 inches and uses 2 'AAA' batteries (NI).

Price: $63.99


Tool tip: It's on Laura’s ListPenFriend is your new best friend!

  A new voice labeling system by RNIB that allows users to easily record, and re-record, information onto self-adhesive labels. This small pen shaped recorder provides easy recognition sound and just four buttons in a simple identifiable pattern. Instantly play back the recordings - no computer required. Use the PenFriend to label food items, including freezer food and even add cooking instructions, film and music collections, organize household paperwork, record shopping lists or leave audio messages. Clothing that is dry cleaned can even be labeled. The PenFriend can also be used as a portable note taker. You can record your message and keep track of it by placing the allocated label in a small notebook or in your diary. This device is great for students as well as home use!


  PenFriend will announce recordings specific to each label and there is no limit to the record length associated with each label. simply allocate one of the coded self-adhesive labels and record and store your message on the PenFriend. To play back touch the PenFriend tip to the label and it will announce recordings specific to each label. over 70 hours of recording time available on 1 GB internal memory. ability to download MP3 files including books and music includes 127 labels in a mix of sizes and shapes, built-in speaker, USB cable, neck lanyard and two AAA batteries extra labels are available in packs of 380. labels cannot go into the washing machine. Labels are made of paper. If you want to re-record, you would put the pen over the recorded label and hit the record button to record over the existing message.

Made in England. Price: $139.99 "Buy it now" button


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