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Braille Long Ring Timer

Braille Long Ring Timer, Price: $19.99

A standard, long-ring timer with one tactile dot at every 2.5 minutes and 3 dots at 0, 15, 30 and 45 minutes.

Price: $19.99

Microwave Oven With Manual Dials 0.7 Cubic Ft

Microwave Oven With Manual Dials 0.7 Cubic Ft, Price: $151.99

We offer a small 700 watt microwave oven that is perfect for small kitchens and still holds up to a 10" dinner plate. It has 6 power levels, a 30 minute timer, speed defrost and push button door release. Measures 10.25" H x 18" W x 13" D. Comes in white.

Product Features

* 0.7 CF Microwave
* 700 Watts of Cooking Power
* Easy to Use Basic Design
* Rotary Dial Knob Controls
* 30 Minute Cooking Timer
* Full Range Temperature Control (Low - High)
* Defrost Setting
* Turntable with Glass Tray

Price: $151.99

Match Makers Tactual Color Identifiers

Match Makers Tactual Color Identifiers, Price: $69.99

The ideal way to match colors tactually, even if you don't know Braille. Match Makers consist of nickel plated brass safety pins with special plastic covers that have large dots for color identification. The dots are so large that they can be differentiated even by those who have little sensitivity in their fingers. They can be used by dot matching - everything with one dot matches everything else with one dot or one dot can represent a color, such as blue and two dots brown, and so on. Each set contains 238 safety pins consisting of 17 patterns of 14 pieces each. Supplied with instructions in large print and on cassette.

Price: $69.99

15 X Magnifying Mirror W/3 Light Levels

15 X Magnifying Mirror W/3 Light Levels, Price: $83.99

The most powerful magnification in a mirror combined with unique lighting effects results in a grooming aid that you will become dependent on. Examining your face, removing unwanted hair, tweezing eyebrows, applying and removing makeup, inserting contact lenses etc. will be easy when you see very enlarged images of the area of interest. If you want to examine your face in various lighting situations, you can select from day/office, evening or a soft spot light. Can be mounted on a wall or folded for traveling. The 6.5" diameter mirror is made of distortion free glass. It is AC powered.

Price: $83.99

Ultra Bright LED Flashlight

Ultra Bright LED Flashlight, Price: $31.99

This very bright flashlight comes in a protective case with a belt loop. When you need less light, you can turn on 25 of the bulbs rather than all 45, that brighten just about your entire room. Comes in a silver aluminum alloy case that has a comfortable grip. Measures 6.0 inches long and uses 3 'AA' batteries (INC).

Price: $31.99


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