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Man's Gold Tone Braille Talking Watch 1 Button

Man's Gold Tone Braille Talking Watch 1 Button, Price: $100.00

"Braille Talk" is exactly what this watch is - a standard Braille watch that also has all the talking functions of our high fashion talking watches. To know the time tactually, you open the face at 6 o'clock. To hear the time, you can press the talk button. You have many choices - a watch that only tells the time, a watch that can be set for one alarm (cuckoo, beep or rooster) and either a matching expansion band or a black leather strap. If you prefer silver tone, order #857802. The gold tone lady's size is #857804 and in silver tone it is #857806. Now you can tell the time in a meeting without disturbing others.

Price: $100.00

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